Emerging female talent from Pakistan lands cricket contract in Australia

Saira Jabeen, a 22-year-old emerging talent from the North of Pakistan, has secured a six-month contract with the Paramatta Women’s Grade Cricket Club in Sydney, Australia.

She touched down in Australia on September 28, 2023.


Hailing from the picturesque Kalash Valley, Saira Jabeen has recently earned a spot in the list of 74 women cricketers who received PCB’s first domestic women contracts for 11 months.

“I have a good experience of Pakistan’s grassroots cricket, and now with this opportunity, I would gain valuable exposure to competitive cricket in Australia. I hope that by blending these experiences, I can make a significant difference in the future.”

“My journey is facilitated by Mel Jones, the former Australian women’s cricket team captain and Mr. Yahya Ghaznavi from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), who played a pivotal role in connecting me with the Paramatta club.”

“I want to set an example for all those girls who are dreaming but are not able to chase their dreams due to societal pressure,” Saira Jabeen affirmed, highlighting her commitment to inspiring aspiring female cricketers.

Born with a passion for the game, Saira Jabeen shared that her journey was not without challenges.

“I used to disguise myself to play with the guys,” she recalled, mentioning how she had even cut her hair short to blend in with her male counterparts.

“They were very good and supportive. They used to encourage me to play,” she added, reflecting on the encouraging environment she found among her fellow cricketers.


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